Our Mission

At Debra Levine Realty, we believe our clients should buy a home at their own pace. We understand that home-buying is a process, and the more houses you see, the more confident you can be that you've found your dream home. It doesn't matter how long it takes. We stick with you.

When we help you buy a house, we want to be sure that the home you've chosen meets the value of its asking price. We want to be sure you've selected the right area for you and your family, including consideration of the location of possible schools for your children. We negotiate the best possible price for you, based on your circumstances.


We will make sure that all inspections on your home are taken care of, all disclosures are 
completed, and all at a discount fee, based on Debra Levine Realty's volume business.

We protect you from both a personal and legal perspective.

All that, and money in your pocket, too!